Use case : Museums and Monuments

Managing influxes linked to hazards

Estimated waiting time adapted to the flow

Visitor flow management and capacity optimisation

Advances and delays management

Easy to change visiting times

Improving the customer experience

Pedestrian safety

Tailored to your needs

DuckTheLine at Notre-Dame de Paris

« “What is at stake is to reinvent monuments without expectations and thus to gain for our visitors more free time each year. » Administrator of the Towers of Notre-Dame de Paris.

« Waiting becomes enjoyable as visitors can go for a coffee, etc. and come back at the appointed time. » President of the National Monuments Center

DuckTheLine at Chenonceau’s Castle

The tourist places are back with the queues of visitors! Not all choose time-stamped ticketing, which is restrictive for visitors and not very efficient for the organizer. Since June 2021, DuckTheLine has equipped the Chenonceau castle with the virtual queue.