Our successes

DuckTheLine at Kodawari ramen

Kodawari Ramen, recognised as the best ramen in Paris, has always attracted enthusiastic crowds, but this popularity comes with logistical challenges.

The crowds around their establishments have raised issues of safety for pedestrians and noise pollution for neighbours. Faced with these challenges, Kodawari Ramen decided to call on our JeFile solution to optimise queue management.

Gestion des files d'attente à VivaTech2024

DuckTheLine at VivaTechnology 2024

DuckTheLine was honoured to participate once again at Viva Technology, marking our continued presence and commitment to innovation.

Our solution played a crucial role in queue management, enabling exhibitors to manage the queues for their events, and visitors to enjoy the event to the full without the constraints of long physical waits.

DuckTheLine at Normandie Entrepôt Logistique

DuckTheLine enables Normandie Entrepôt Logistique to better organise flows within their site.

Based on their satisfaction with our queue management platform, we worked together to develop customised features to meet their needs.

DuckTheLine at the Towers of notre-Dame de Paris

« “What is at stake is to reinvent monuments without expectations and thus to gain for our visitors more free time each year. »

Administrator of the Towers of Notre-Dame de Paris.

« Waiting becomes enjoyable as visitors can go for a coffee, etc. and come back at the appointed time. »

President of the National Monuments Center

JeFile at Châteauroux town hall

The Châteauroux town hall wanted to diversify by offering to personalise the arrival of their customers within the establishment.

Call by first name, appointments based on the agents present and counters available… DuckTheLine increases the efficiency of the reception and traffic when making appointments.

DuckTheLine at Center Parc Trois-Forêts

DuckTheLine solution was immediately accepted by carriers and terminal agents. It brings added value from the first day of operation.

Proof of this can be seen in this video of the first day in production.

DuckTheLine at Center Parc Trois-Forêts

DuckTheLine launched its restaurant business in the Center Parc Trois-Forêts the largest in Europe, which is located in Moselle. Considering the fact that restaurants do not take reservations, the JeFile team team was able to offer them a simple and relevant solution with virtual waiting lists: an algorithm that calculates the estimated waiting time and sends an SMS as soon as the table becomes available.

DuckTheLine at Carrefour Bercy 2

« The arrival of DuckTheLine has made it possible to dematerialise waiting in line at the cash register and has brought a spirit of modernity,»

Cash Register Services Manager at Carrefour

« I have never done my shopping so fast, it’s great! »

DuckTheLine user at Carrefour

DuckTheLine at VivaTechnology 2018

« Personally, I did not know the system. I think it’s very innovative, it avoids wasting time unnecessarily. »

« If we could have it a little more often, when we go shopping, when we go to a fast food restaurant, etc. so we do not have to line up. It’s a good time saver. »

DuckTheLine users at VivaTechnology 2022

DuckTheLine at AJ Timber

Sylvain DUBUISSON, AJ TIMBER’s Logistics and Transport Director, testifies to his collaboration with FWA on the installation of DuckTheLine.

Connected to the business software (ERP, WMS), the application allows to better exploit the production days and to optimize the physical treatment of the AJ Timber trucks.

DuckTheLine at Château Chenonceau

The tourist places are back with the queues of visitors! Not all choose time-stamped ticketing, which is restrictive for visitors and not very efficient for the organizer. Since June 2021, DuckTheLine has equipped the Chenonceau castle with the virtual queue.

JeFile at Vini in Tahiti

Vini chose to launch a real-time virtual waiting queue for its customers. The benefits of this are manifold: ease of use, optimized flow, satisfied customers… Customers were delighted to be able to use a simple system, and to see their progress within the queue.