Virtual queue

Liste d’attente virtuelle

Real time waiting estimation

Managing and reducing no-shows

Group management

Managing late arrivals

Safety for customers and pedestrians on the pavement

Calms down the neighbourhood

Increase the number of restaurant reviews

Increase in turnover

DuckTheLine at  Kodawari ramen

Kodawari Ramen, recognised as the best ramen in Paris, has always attracted enthusiastic crowds, but this popularity comes with logistical challenges.

The crowds around their establishments have raised issues of safety for pedestrians and noise pollution for neighbours. Faced with these challenges, Kodawari Ramen decided to call on our DuckTheLine solution to optimise queue management.

DuckTheLine at Center Parc Trois-Forêts

DuckTheLine launched its restaurant business in the Center Parc Trois-Forêts the largest in Europe, which is located in Moselle.

Considering the fact that restaurants do not take reservations, the DuckTheLine team was able to offer them a simple and relevant solution with virtual waiting lists: an algorithm that calculates the estimated waiting time and sends an SMS as soon as the table becomes available.


DuckTheLine at Fellows

Introducing the Maslow Group’s newest addition, Fellows, a restaurant specialising in vegetarian pasta.

As with any popular restaurant, Fellows is anticipating high footfall from the moment it opens. To meet the logistical challenges this brings, Fellows has decided to adopt the JeFile solution.