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Our successes

DuckTheLine at Carrefour Bercy 2

“The arrival of DuckTheLine has made it possible to dematerialise waiting in line at the cash register and has brought a spirit of modernity,” Cash Register Services Manager at Carrefour “I have never done my shopping so fast, it’s great!” DuckTheLine user at Carrefour
Waiting is a constraint, we all know it. Especially when it comes to shopping at peak hours, where the cash register lines are full. This constraint deters up to 30% of consumers from finalizing their purchases. Constantly looking for innovations to satisfy their customers, supermarkets can now count on DuckTheLine to streamline checkout and for much more.

DuckTheLine was born in 2016. The application, originally designed for mass distribution, quickly gained the confidence of many supermarkets in the first months of its launch. For them, the benefits are numerous. Mainly, the satisfaction of their customers. “We have very good feedback from our customers and we have achieved 98% satisfaction with the use of DuckTheLine,” says Gaëlle Prampart, cash register services manager at Carrefour Bercy.

For customers too, the benefit is obvious. “I just use the application DuckTheLine, it’s very convenient because today we do not line up anymore. I’ve never done my shopping so fast, it’s great!” enthuses Stephanie and Clara, two users of DuckTheLine Carrefour.

But the goal of the app is also to renew the customer experience, a powerful argument for consumers who want to save time and who are always looking for innovation. As Gaëlle Prampart says, “The arrival of DuckTheLine at Carrefour Bercy really made it possible to dematerialize the wait at checkout. We have also brought a spirit of modernity since we have integrated new technologies that we use every day like our smartphone.”

Each store has its own problems and to answer that, DuckTheLine offers different configurations and settings tailored to each. It also has flexibility and adaptability that have conquered major players in the retail sector such as Carrefour, Auchan, Casino or Real.

The possibilities for a store are numerous. The most common possibility is the establishment of a dedicated cash register for virtualization. Simply because it is the easiest to set up and use. “Just go to the app, finish your shopping and go directly to the cashier,” explains Stéphanie.
“I found it very easy to use. We do not need to click on anything, just open the application and say how many articles we have and right now we know directly if we can go or if we have to wait a little bit,” says Clara.

The supermarkets multiply the services in stores as online. Drive or withdrawal of orders in store complement the traditional catering services, photography or banking. So many services where lines are likely to form. And there are as many variations of DuckTheLine to imagine.

A word from the team

Working with big brands that have different needs and problems is a real challenge for us. This allowed us to develop our solution, to gain experience and to propose turnkey solutions, adapted to each one. Cash registers without a line, following up on the customer’s path with targeted promotions, customers who announce their arrival at the store to collect their orders. Today, the store is waiting for the customer and not the other way around, that’s what we are able to offer.

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