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DuckTheLine on the other side of the Earth

Virtualizing the queues on the other side of the earth in new sanitary conditions, how is it going and what are the stakes ?

The number of hospital beds on the island of Tahiti being very limited, the question of managing the health crisis and social distancing arose very quickly.

Vini, the country’s major mobile operator, has opted for a virtualization solution for waiting in its stores.

Customers use the DuckTheLine mobile app or a responsive web app available by simply scanning a QR code or the terminal to sit in the queue and wait their turn.

He is called by an advisor and by a call screen.

This procedure is simple but it hides some additional advantages such as:
– When busy, an advisor can focus on clients who request short services and quickly reduce the number of people in the queue
– The start and end of service marking allows a better understanding of the reasons for the visit and a good prediction of the waiting time
– The absence of a telephone number but rather by the first name allows a better reception of the customer and absence of complaint in the event of treatment of the queue in a slightly different order

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