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Hmm, try again by connecting to one of the 3 stores: Google Play, Apple’s App store or Windows store. If that does not work, check on the store that your phone is compatible and that you have enough space on your device to install the app, it needs 20M!

No problem, it’s your right! Rest assured, you can also use the interactive terminals located near the place (if the place has them available). Therefore, you can book via a paper ticket, via a contactless card or via SMS.

All public places near you are not yet referenced. We will do our best to make this happen and allow you to enjoy your free time, everywhere! If you know an interesting place, let us know!

It depends on whether the location has chosen this for its booking options. Some offer it, others do not to be able to manage the waiting in real time and to avoid overflow.

If you are close enough to the place, yes! To avoid that fake slots are reserved on the other side of the world, institutions that use DuckTheLine, set a range of several kilometers.

How do I know if I’m close enough? If the site of your choice appears in the list of lines available when you use the app, then you are!

No. With the app, you can choose your time window, book or change your seat and enjoy the free time you have released.

We cannot but if you are not comfortable with the mobile application, you can book via the interactive terminals on site that will print a paper ticket, a contactless card or send you a text message.

DuckTheLine allows you to reserve seats for groups of up to 7 people. For larger groups, we advise you to contact the place concerned. The creation of several groups to pass “unnoticed” is prohibited.

For the Towers of Notre-Dame de Paris, go to:

That’s normal. The app estimates the number of people in front of you and the virtual waiting time. You no longer physically wait behind people, but it still takes time to pay for your ticket or items, security check or any other procedure set up by the place where you go.

To propose lines available near you and calculate the time necessary to warn you and allow you to arrive at your destination on time.

That’s easy, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn! If a new venue chooses to simplify the lives of its visitors, you’ll know it! And if you know an interested place, let us know!

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