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DuckTheLine, what is it ?

Have you ever given up on purchasing a product, or given up visiting a place because of an endless queue?

We have the solution to save you time.

Thanks to a digital queuing system, DuckTheLine application tells you how much time you have left before your checkout, for example. JeFile allows consumers or tourists to register in a virtual queue. No more long waiting times in supermarkets or museums. You can plan your schedule while you wait for your turn!

Don’t have smartphones with you? Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter! You can always register in the virtual queue thanks to the terminals provided on site. You can use paper tickets provided by terminals, text messages or contactless cards (NFC).

Simple, fast and effective,

As a user, this saving of time is significant!

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Plan your visit easily in a few clicks.

JeFile - DÉTENDEZ-VOUS[vc_empty_space]


Stop the endless stress from lines and free up time to do what you want.

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Enjoy your time, the app warns you when it’s your turn.

  • Daniel

    “It's the smartest way to control lining up and saves a lot of time for tourists! Impressive! One of the best inventions since the wheel."

  • DuckTheLine is a revolution for walk-in hairdressers. No more endless queues, stress and unhappy customers. Customers are doing whatever they want and they only show up when it's their turn! I strongly recommend!

    Aurore – Hairdresser in Normandy
  • Geneviève

    “Really great! Goodbye lining up for hours. I hope that all the main monuments of Paris will be added!”

  • Florent

    “Just awesome! Easy to use and saves time.”

  • Benjamine

    “A revolutionary app to never be forced to line up on Saturday at the supermarket! We can finally finish shopping in peace, without stress. Very simple and easy to use, look forward to seeing this application developed in more stores!”

  • Clara

    “I have never done my shopping so fast, it's great!”


A line too long near you?

Become a DuckTheLine ambassador and win prizes!

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DuckTheLine in Tahiti

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Installation and start-up of virtualization of the queue with DuckTheLine in Tahiti and testimonials from the first customers.

DuckTheLine at VivaTech

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DuckTheLine also manages the queues during events. The proof at the VivaTech show where it saved visitors 2 hours of free time.

DuckTheLine at Notre Dame de Paris

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DuckTheLine application to the towers of Notre-Dame de Paris. No more waiting: 2 hours released per visitor and 40 years transformed!

DuckTheLine in Carrefour Bercy

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DuckTheLine application tested at Carrefour Bercy to free up waiting at the checkout. Around 98% customer satisfaction!